Blackburn’s Corry Evans Ready to Resume Training

Dismissals have already come from Corry Evans who was thought to be fear about his psychological scars that came from a serious injury. He also revealed that he was perfectly alright and ready to resume his training if not the season was suspended. The midfielder from Blackburn Rovers had to go through extensive surgery after he fractured a part of his skull during the drawn match in January against Preston North End. Corry Evans also suffered a broken nose and fractured eye socket because of the massive blow. Blackburn boss, Tony Mowbray believed that it will be a long path for him to recover from this kind of injury.

But the player from Northern Ireland revealed he had already started heading footballs made of sponge for practicing. He has been able to shrug off all the suggestions that the psychological damage that has been caused by the injury can last for a long time. Instead, he is currently focusing on how he can play his part when the training for Blackburn Rovers resume on 16th May. When asked about resuming his training sessions, he said that he has already started with sponge footballs and now he is trying to head a football that is fully blown up. There is plenty of time left and he is confident that he will get ready by then.

With the plans of being a part of the traveling party for Northern Ireland to be scheduled to happen in Bosnia now shelved, the Blackburn midfielder is now focusing on how to get back to speed within the designated time left for them to return playing the remaining fixtures for the Championship. The passing weeks have been only lying on the bed for him. But now he seriously wants to get back to playing football as he has missed three weeks of practice. He is missing the ground, the pitch and of course the ball!