Evans fitness should be managed

Blackburn Rovers coach Tony Mowbray believes that Corry Evans fitness should be managed closely given that the player has just returned to full fitness.

Indeed the player had not played a 90-minute match for a long time, and it is only last month that he has managed to return to full fitness.

Tony Mowbray said that he is managing the player carefully and that he expects the Northern Ireland team to do the same. He said that Michael O’Neill is aware of Corry Evans injury problems and he is sure that he will deal the player well.

The Blackburn Rovers coach said that he is happy for the player to have been called in the national team and that given that he is a quality player there is no doubt that Northern Ireland will be looking towards the player to win them some game.

At the same time, he believes that they should consider his fitness level and make sure that he is not overdoing it. Mowbray said that he knows Martin O’Neill well during the time where he was managing in Scotland and that there is no doubt that he will be taking care of the player.

Tony Mowbray said that Corry Evans is an important player for Blackburn Rovers and that he will do everything he can in order to keep him fit. He said that he will be in competition with Peter Whittingham and that he will be rotating both players depending on the games.

He said at the moment the player should focus on building his strength as well as fitness and make sure he returns to his best. He believes that this will be a great season for him and he will be able to bring a major contribution to the team.