Blackburn Rovers was knocked out of the FA Cup after losing against Liverpool

Blackburn Rovers was knocked out of the FA Cup after losing against Liverpool in the 2nd leg which was played on April 8 at Ewood Park and a solo goal from Coutinho was enough for Liverpool to knockout the Championship League club.

Defeating Liverpool was one of the accomplishments that the 24 year old centre-back of Blackburn Rovers, Corry Evans was hoping to make but it did not happen as Liverpool won by the minimum margin with a scoreboard of 1-0.

Corry Evans still has another goal in mind that he wants to reach with Blackburn Rovers and it’s to earn a promotion spot back to the Premier League but this is also far-fetched as his club is positioned way too far away from the playoff positions and taking into consideration that the league has less 5 matches to be played, Blackburn Rovers mathematically cannot reach a promotion spot to the Premier League.

‘’We’re wanting to get promotion, be it automatic or through the play-offs; that’s our goal,’ Evans told’s really everyone’s goal in this division because anyone can beat anyone. But I think the experience we had as a team last year gelled us well. We know our style and we know the way we want to play. Hopefully we can put that into good practice this year.’’ Corry Evans of Blackburn Rovers said as he announced the goals that he and his team have for this season.
Competing in the Premier League is something that Blackburn Rovers has not done since 2012 and they will have to wait at least for another season in order to have a clean slate and fresh start because the current season is just out of the reach of Gary Bowyer and his players.