One shattered eye socket and fractured skull was the face of Blackburn midfielder Corry Evans on their last outing against Preston. Only players like Mamba and Angel Gomes can attest to the kind of horror that was felt by the fallen soldier.

The Northern Island midfielder will now be out as long as the team’s Physio is ready. More than that this type of injuries makes players evaluate the essence of their lives to the point of asking the existential question “is it worth it”.

The club are determined to help him all the way. They have no choice than to throw all the support they have to the player at least to prove that they understand somethings are better than money and soccer. This is the kind of move that can make the emotionally-driven to put in all their effort when they come back.

Win win.

The injured is not very well known like his brother Jonny Evans. He graduated from United Academy but never made it far. By comparison, he is doing better than a handsome of his teammates back then.

It will be a tough time for the Evans but his brother will carry on for sure. He may have faced worse but will never tell thanks to his reclusive nature.

After leaving Manchester United, he has enjoyed a relative successful journey man life. He also spent enough time leading him to be fondly remembered for some memories.

It was unfortunate he was at United when they needed people like Sergio Ramos and not someone learning to play the game. His game was tight. Just not tight enough to convince all coaches after Ferguson he is the man for the job.

They are still looking f0r that caliber of talent.