Evans back for Blackburn

Blackburn coach Tony Mowbray has stated that Corry Evans will be back with the team for the pre-season training.

Corry Evans has been plagued with injuries last season, and he is expected to be back in training for the pre-season.

Indeed he has only managed to play one time for Blackburn Rovers last season, and he would be expected that things change for the best this season.

Tony Mowbray said that Corry Evans has been working hard during the close season in order to get back to full fitness and he hopes that he will be ready for the start of the new season. He said that Corry Evans is an important member of the team and that he is glad that he is back on the pitch.

However, the coach admitted that he would have to manage him carefully as he has not been used to high intensity football for so long. He said that he will not be able to play him for a full match straight away and that he will have to get him on the pitch gradually. He said that the medical staff would be monitoring him closely and assessing how his body is responding to the training.

Tony Mowbray said that it is never easy to get back to full fitness after an injury and that they will be working with the player devise a suitable training program that will allow him to get back to full fitness without putting too much strain on his body.

Mowbray said that the team is quite ready for the new season and that they are still working on some transfer opportunities to strengthen the team. He said that the players are motivated for the new season and that there is a good atmosphere in the team.